Universal Dating Tips

Whether you are just entering the dating scene or have been out there for years, here are some dating tips that may be informative or at least motivate you. Most people that are dating think they know how to find that special person. Even the most beautiful and wealthy people struggle with matters of the heart. If you are out there dating, you haven't found him/her yet. Maybe you can learn something new about how to date more effectively, how to become more attractive to those that interest you, and how to make a relationship grow and lead to marriage.
There are some essential ideas and beliefs that one should keep in mind. Each individual is different and so each relationship needs to be approached differently.  And of course where we are in life and who we date will determine how we approach each relationship as well. Here are some basic tips that most daters can benefit from...
Universal Dating Tips
  1. Believe you will be meeting and marrying the right person for you this year. This is essential. There are plenty of beautiful, smart, talented, creative people out there that are looking to meet that right one, but don't believe it will happen for them. What happened yesterday is not an indicator of what will happen tomorrow. Put G-d into the picture and believe it will happen to you. For those of you who are not believers, it is a good time to get in touch with your spiritual side. It will help tremendously in getting into a relationship and marriage.
  2. Be prepared to commit to the right one, so that means that you are not dating to find someone to date, but rather you are dating a person to determine if he/she has the qualities that you believe are essential to making a marriage work. Don't get emotionally attached. Even if you are rejected, understand that the next person may be the right one for you and don't give up until you find that special someone.  Half-heartedness doesn't work. In fact, it won’t even get you a boy/girl friend.
  3. Look your best. Join a local gym, loose a few pounds (if you need to), eat right and walk 1/2 hour a day. Buy 3 new date outfits, get a stylish hair cut, new make-up...basically look your best. You want the person you are dating to see you respect yourself and you would expect that in a spouse as well. The person will also see that if you respect yourself you will also in turn respect him/her. And that is essential in a marriage. I've seen many unattractive men and women marry beautiful people because of their confidence.
  4. Be true to who you are. Don't portray an image of someone who is wild when you are not. You will attract the wrong type of people. If you are sweet and easy to be with, don't portray yourself as tough, you will be pushing away the people that would be attracted to you if they had the chance to get to know you. Be the best you can be but be true to yourself.
  5. It is very important that the people in your life support your dating goals. I have some single friends that don't socialize with singles. They feel that sitting around with single friends will lead to negative talk about love and relationships. Find a dating coach to keep you on track.
  6. Choose someone that you think you have a good chance of dating. If you set your sights on a supermodel, understand that there aren't that many of them out there and it will take that much longer to find someone to date. If you are looking for a billionaire, you are up against the same thing, there aren't that many of them out there so it will take longer to find someone (and if your are unrealistic, you may never find that special person).  You are dating a whole person, no one person will have everything that you need, but they should have the 3 non-negotiable (attraction, similar goals and similar values.)
  7. Attend social functions for singles/divorced/widowed. Join 3 online dating sites. I know so many couples that have met that way. Couples at dinner parties can be a great resource. Everyone has friends and people want to help. Join clubs, charitable organizations, religious organizations, etc. -- most of these groups are great ways of meeting like-minded people. 
  8. Have a good attitude. Dating is a way for you to meet new interesting people.  Most people have something interesting to say or have had an interesting life and you can learn from every one. Not only that, not everyone gets dates. So understand that you are one of the lucky ones who are fortunate to have the opportunity to meet someone very special that you may end up marrying building a life together.  
  9. Some people make themselves too available or offer too much information too soon. I know someone who couldn't help herself, after a couple of dates and told the guy she was dating how much she cared about him. Unfortunately, he wasn't ready to hear it. That was the last time she heard from him. People need the thrill of the chase when dating. The more effort a person puts into a relationship, the more likely that relationship will last.   

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